Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 2019 UK review

The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is the latest extra-hardcore version of the Italian outfit’s two-seater, V12, upper-level series-production supercar. Which, first and foremost, makes it a Lamborghini Aventador: a car which it’s impossible to drive along a UK motorway in any formwithout a procession of hot hatchbacks gathering in your wake, like pilot fish swimming behind a tiger shark. You can usually watch them ‘forming up’ in the rearview mirror before each paddles frantically past, only to subsequently slow down again for another pass.

Regrettably though, when you’re driving this new Aventador, that’s a pastime denied to you. The SVJ’s rear wing has a chunky central pillar not seen on other derivatives which, conspiring with the shape of the car’s new carbonfibre engine cover, can entirely conceal the outline of an rabidly driven VW Golf R, just about thirty yards off your bumper, in your review mirror. Thusly rear visibility in a supercar in which it was already pretty atrocious has become, in this its latest ‘ultimate’ version, even worse.

Would the safest thing for the Aventador SVJ’s driver therefore be to ensure you’re always the fastest-moving car on any given road, simply to avoid the risk of being approached from the rear by anything whatsoever? It’d be a bold excuse for a speeding ticket; you or I might think better of it. But, ‘for safety reasons’ or no, plenty of these cars will be driven exactly so, I reckon. At least, the ones that make it out of Knightsbridge and Monte Carlo might be.

Extra-special Aventador gets a V12 to die for, and ride and handling that’s just about good enough to bring it to bear

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ specification

Where Woking, UK Price £360,000 On sale now Engine V12, 6498cc, petrol Power 759bhp at 8500rpm Torque 531lb ft at 6750rpm Gearbox 7-spd automated manual Kerb weight 1525kg (dry) Top speed 217mph 0-62mph 2.8sec Fuel economy 14.4mpg CO2 452g/km, 37% RivalsFerrari 812 Superfast, McLaren Senna

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